Technology Implementations

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Implementing new software successfully takes more than just great project management skills.

To obtain high user adoption rates, your strategy needs to be grounded in a deep understanding of change management and human behavior. We have over 15 years experience in both technical project management AND the "people side" of go-lives. We provide strategic consulting and hands-on support for complex, large-scale technology implementations that impact the employee experience, including intranet, performance management, employee experience, applicant tracking, LMSs, and communication platforms.


Internal Discovery

Stakeholder interviews, surveys, focus groups, and audits to identify organizational needs and user requirements.

Solution Assessment

Platform research, requirements screening, stakeholder management, demo facilitation, and vendor partnerships.

Design & Build

Implementation leadership, admin training, project management, and governance guidelines.

Change Plan

Stakeholder engagement, resistance assessment, measurement plan, and targeted change roadmap.

Communications & Training

Persona identification, communications plan, content development, launch campaign, and user trainings.

Launch Support

Go-live support, measurement, resistance management, adaptation, and tools that support longevity.